How to use geolocation |

How to use geolocation

Instaplus uses photograph links to determine geolocation. Using links gives the most accurate and effective results.

Here’s how to find links to photos with the right geolocation.

Say you want to find people who are in or have been to the Empire State Building.

Go to the Instagram app on your phone.

    1. Go to the search tab and type “Empire State Building”.
    2. Select the most suggested result. Empire State Building. Make sure you choose the location and not the hashtag.

    1. Select any photo in the search results

    1. Go to the photo’s options

    1. Copy the link to Instaplus

    1. Create a task using Geotargeting
    2. Enter the link as the geotargeting source

  1. Fill out the rest of your task details and run it according to your desired options.