How to create a new task |

How to create a new task

  1. Select the Instagram account you wish to promote. If you haven’t added an Instagram account yet, click “Add Account”

  1. Select your desired promotion type

Like - automatically like posts from other Instagram users

Follow - automatically follow other Instagram users

Unfollow - unfollow instagram users who you are currently following

Comment - comment on posts from other Instagram users

Like + Follow - simultaneously follow and like other Instagram users

  1. Select how you want to target users

Geolocation - this targeting will select from users based in a specific geolocation that you choose. It’s ideal for growing an audience in your local area. For instance, if you have a store or a restaurant, you can choose to only interact with users who are located near your store. Learn more about geolocation.

Hashtag - enter a hashtag to select from users who have used that hashtag. For example, if you have a basketball related account, you could choose to only target users who have used the hashtag #nba or #basketball

User - enter an existing Instagram username and you can choose to target the people who follow that account (followers), or the people who that account follows (followings). For example, if you want to interact with the people who follow your competition, you could enter your competition’s Instagram account and target all of their followers.

User list - if you already have a list of Instagram accounts you want to target, you can upload that list to our system to interact with only those users. Note: User list only interacts with the specific accounts in the list you upload. It will not interact with followers or followings.

  1. Note the difference between “Number of usernames” and “Max likes per username”.

Number of usernames is the total number of unique usernames you want to target

Max likes per username is the maximum number of posts Instaplus will like for each individual username targeted. We recommend setting it between 1 - 5. For commenting, it is the maximum number of comments per username.

  1. Choose filtering options. You can choose to not filter your targeted users any more or set a custom filter.

For beginners, we recommend choosing “No filters”. Learn more about custom filter options

  1. Click on “Start” to run your task now. You can also choose to schedule your task to run at a later date by clicking “Schedule Task”.