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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are you having problems with?

I want to register an Instaplus account

To register your Instaplus account click here. You need to provide your email address and choose a password.

After registration, you will need to confirm your email. Open your email account, find the email from Instaplus, and click the activation link.

I didn’t receive my activation link

  1. Make sure you’re checking the same email address as the one you used to register for Instaplus.
  2. Check your spam folder
  3. Write to us in chat and we can help to confirm your email.

What do I do after signing in?

You need to add the Instagram account that you want to promote and create a task to do a promotion activity like follow, like, comment, or unfollow.

Learn how to create a new task.

What are the daily promotion limits?

For a detailed explanation of our recommended daily limits, click here.

Can I schedule tasks to run at a later date?

Yes! Just make sure to not schedule two tasks to run at the same time.

How can I pay?

You can view prices for our services here.

You can pay by clicking the “Subscriptions” link in your interface

You can pay at any time via Credit Card, PayPal, or WebMoney

Your subscription will be activated or continued immediately after paying.

If you are unable to pay for any reason, please contact us and we will personally help you.

I need to add more Instagram accounts. How can I do it?

If you have more than the 5 allowed Instagram accounts, we can increase your limit (in increments of 5 Instagram accounts). You will receive a 30% discount on each additional group of 5 accounts that you purchase.

If you only need to add 1 additional account, you will be charged the price of your package divided by 5. For example, if your package is $8.99, you will be charged $1.80 for 1 additional account.

I only have 1 Instagram account. Are there any discounts?

If you only have one account, we can give you a 50% longer subscription for the same price. For example, if you purchase a 30-day subscription, we will automatically increase the subscription length by 50%, so that you can use Instaplus for 45 days for the same price.

Please write us in chat on the day you make your payment to take advantage of this offer.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! You can get your affiliate link in the profile section of your account. Whenever a new customer signs up at Instaplus after coming from your link, you will get 20% of all payments they make for the lifetime of their account.

Does Instaplus still work if I turn off my computer?

Yes! All work is carried out on our server. Once you Start or Schedule a task, you can safely exit your browser or turn off your computer.

Do you use bot accounts?

We do not use any bot accounts. All the accounts we interact with are real, live users of Instagram.