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Custom Filter Settings

Custom filters can help increase the effectiveness of your promotion. Instead of subscribing to any 1,000 accounts who fit your basic targeting, you can choose detailed criteria to pick and choose between those accounts.

Filters can help:

  • Eliminate stores
  • Eliminate accounts with little or no activity
  • Eliminate bots
  • Eliminate accounts who are unlikely to subscribe to you.
  • Choose a targeted gender. Note: it’s impossible to officially determine the gender of an Instagram account because Instagram keeps that information confidential. You can, however, filter for words in the title or description that are likely to indicate a certain gender. It is not a perfect approach, but it can be done fairly accurately. However, this approach will not find any accounts who don’t put gender related words in their title or description.

To accomplish this, in the custom filter settings, you can filter accounts by the following criteria:

  1. Number of followers the account has
  2. Number of followings the account has
  3. Whether or not the account has a profile picture
  4. Number of posts the account has
  5. Number of days since the account’s last post.

Additionally, you can choose to exclude “Blacklist keywords”, or only target accounts who have your “Targeting keywords” in their username or description.

Blacklist Keywords - Whenever one of these words is included in the name or description of an account, we will skip that account and not do any interaction. If you want to exclude stores, we recommend including words like:




Online store

Including such words is likely to eliminate any stores, because stores often include them in their description.

Targeting Keywords:

Targeting keywords are the opposite of Blacklist Keywords. We will skip all accounts that do not include your targeting keywords. For instance, if you included the targeting keyword “mom”, then we would only interact with accounts who have the word “mom” in their username or description.


  • You cannot use Blacklist Keywords and Targeting Keywords at the same time. Choose only one for each task.
  • It is not necessary to set all fields. You can leave them blank
  • Choosing custom filters will make your task take longer to run. This happens because so many users are excluded, not because Instaplus runs any slower.